Local BC Fantasy Author Meets Fans in Victoria Chapters

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Local BC Fantasy Author Meets Fans in Victoria Chapters

White Rock author Robert Boyd will be hosting a book signing at the local Victoria Chapters, 1212 Douglas Street, at 3pm on Friday, August 19th. His book, Portia Bench, is a welcome addition to the shelves in the fantasy section.

A brand new author to hit the fantasy scene, Robert Boyd is excited to meet his Victoria fans in person. His wild imagination will charm readers ready to delve into a supernatural legend in British Columbia when they read Portia Bench.

“The story takes on a Grade-B-horror-movie flavor as the body count rises … The plot is about supposed progress interfering with a cursed landscape and unleashing primeval forces,” says Carolyn Haley, in her Chanticleer Book Review.

A chilling story, Portia Bench probes the issue of disturbing ancient burial grounds, and the ominous consequences those who are ignorant may suffer.

Portia Bench may be fiction, but its underlying political and social commentary is very real. And Robert Boyd isn’t afraid to go there.

For more information about Robert Boyd and his writing, click here.

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