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featured videoOgopogo Odyssey Book Trailer

May 04, 2016 From Promontory Press

This enchanting story will delight any child who loves to believe. While visiting his grandparents’ vineyard in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada, Colin has a chance meeting with the famous lake creature known as the Ogopogo. This is a summer adventure he will never forget! 

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latest articleThreaten to Undo Us is Book of the Day!

Aug 25, 2016 From Promontory Press

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Featured Author

Aidan Coles

Desperate to escape the winters of Ottawa, Aidan Coles found his way to Victoria, BC in 1995 and, armed with a resume of a few odd-jobs in towing and mechanics, sat down with the yellow pages and phoned every tow company in town until one of them hired him. That stubborn determination has seen him through everything that 20 years of towing could throw at him. He’s still in Victoria, and he still hates winter.

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