Special Edition of Rejoice, A Knife to the Heart by Steven Erikson

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Special Edition of Rejoice, A Knife to the Heart by Steven Erikson

Promontory Press is pleased to offer a limited, special collection of REJOICE, A KNIFE TO THE HEART.

We have held back from stores 100 copies of the first printing, first edition of the hardcover book, set aside to be individually signed and personalized by Steven Erikson himself. Each copy will be labelled as part of the “Promontory First Edition” set and individually numbered as one of the 100 copies. Each copy will be signed, and will be personalized by Steven as the customer directs.

This special offer is not available through stores. It is only available here on the Promontory website.

Promontory is the North American, English-language publisher of REJOICE, and therefore we can only fulfill orders to Canada and the United States. This offer is unfortunately not available to addresses outside of Canada or the United States.


  1. Kathleen Land says:

    Steve, we have been fans of your writing since we used to sit around the table, waiting for our turn to read your field notes.
    I would love to be able to purchase a special edition for Kelly.

    • Promontory Press says:

      Hi Kathleen. You can purchase a copy of Steve’s book by adding a copy to the cart and going through the online purchase process. Please be sure to mention in the “Order Notes” section what you’d like Steve to write.

      Ben Coles
      Promontory Press

  2. Maurynne Maxwell (Miss Em) says:

    i haven’t finished the book yet and i’m working on my review but i keep pausing reading because it’s so damn good. i simply want to thank the author for writing and the publisher for publishing this great work. i feel like i’m reading aristophanes and euripides and the deus ex machina is front and center and i rejoice in this knife to the heart.

    • Promontory Press says:

      Hi Miss Em! So glad to hear how much you’re enjoying the book. Many thanks for your kind words.

      The Promontory Team

  3. Gary Thompson says:

    Is this still a thing? Is this still available to be personalized?

    • Promontory Press says:

      Hi Gary. This is absolutely still a thing. You can order the book right here on the website – just be sure to add in the comment section of the ordering process if you’d like Steven to write anything in particular, or if the book is a gift for someone else.

      The Promontory Team

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