Rafe Mair recipient of Lion’s Bay Citizen of Distinction Award

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Rafe Mair recipient of Lion’s Bay Citizen of Distinction Award

READ BY KARL BUHR, MAYOR OF LIONS BAY, AT CANADA DAY, July 1. 2016 on presenting the Lions Bay Citizen of Distinction to Rafe Mair.

This is not an annual award

“The second of four awards being made today recognises a Lions Bay Citizen of Distinction. The award is made on occasion by Council, to a resident of Lions Bay who has distinguished themselves beyond our borders. Our 2016 honoree can truly be said to have made a difference. He is a BC boy, and did law at UBC. Throughout most of the 70s, he was first Alderman in the City of Kamloops, and then MLA, holding the posts of Minister of Consumer & Corporate Affairs, then of Environment and Health, and then of Constitutional Affairs. After his political career he hosted his own political talk show on radio for 25 years. As a lawyer, public servant and journalist he has been a conscience of the affairs of Lions Bay, and of British Columbia and of Canada his whole life, and it is my distinct honour to bestow our Lions Bay Citizen of Distinction award on The Hon., now Mr., Kenneth Rafe Mair. Rafe was very much looking forward to being here, but just today he’s under the weather, so Councillor Ron McLaughlin will accept the plaque on his behalf and get it to him later today.”

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