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Portia Bench is Book of the Day!

img_path_id99Portia Bench is Book of the Day on! Click here to get your copy today!

British Columbia, 1983. Work on a new highway through the province must start immediately in order to be ready for Expo 86. Trying to gain the town of Hope’s approval for the project, Highways Minister Clint Matheson dines with Chief Edwin Baptiste, and hears of the First Nations legend of Siaman who haunts Portia Bench, a perfect route through the mountains for the highway. Clint dismisses the legend, preferring to focus his attention on the chief’s daughter, Cindy. Work on the new highway is disrupted by strange sightings near Portia Bench and a growing wariness amongst the crew. But wooing Cindy and dealing with unruly employees becomes the least of Clint’s worries when a whole crew is murdered. Clint quickly learns that he shouldn’t have been so quick to dismiss the legend of Siaman.

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