I Remember Horsebuns is Book of the Day!

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I Remember Horsebuns is Book of the Day!

I Remember HorsebunsI Remember Horsebuns by Rafe Mair is book of the day on bookoftheday.org!

Known to most as a polarizing figure in Canadian and British Columbian politics, and an outspoken voice in print and radio, Rafe Mair shares with his readers the side to him that is entirely human, relatable, and even loving in his latest memoir, I Remember Horsebuns. Above all, Rafe shares his love affair with Vancouver, British Columbia.

Starting his tale in 1931, Rafe tells of exciting areas for kids to explore with minimal interference from parents. It was a time when there were actually streams you could fish in. It was the time of comic books, radio shows, and Saturday afternoon at the movies.

Rafe relates the early days when he was forming thoughts on issues like the environment, free speech, and the press. He remembers the McCarthy era that started in Ottawa when a Soviet cipher clerk defected and Russia was no longer our Great Ally. He describes his love of books and writing, and he exposes Trotsky—Trotsky the bear, that is!

Join Canadian best-selling author, recovering politician and renowned talk show host Rafe Mair as he remembers Vancouver, British Columbia, and Canada… and horse buns.

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