Emory Crawford comes back in The Devil’s Flood

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Emory Crawford comes back in The Devil’s Flood


The Devil’s Flood, the third instalment of Pearl R. Meaker’s Emory Crawford Mystery series is now available online and in stores to buy!

Twombly and Golden County’s past and present are bound together by the legend of Sutton House, which vanished during a record flood in 1844. Twombly College has sponsored an archeological team to find the lost house, but therein they discover two mummified men, both with gunshot wounds, and a pistol lying between them.

Add moonshine to the mix when it’s discovered that the old illegal liquor trade is alive and well in Golden County. Teens are the ones drinking it—until there is a murder.

Will Emory and Madison be able to sort myths and rumors from the facts to solve both mysteries?

Find out and pick up a copy today directly from your favourite book retailer!

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