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Invasion of the Bastard Cannibals

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And other true stories from a Southerner beyond the Mason-Dixon

by Nathan Wellington

What would cause a man to leave his sheltered and conservative home in the rural South to move to the hippie-infested left coast of Canada? A woman, obviously.

In his second comic memoir, Nathan realizes that although he could make a homemade grenade as a ten-year-old, he is ill-equipped to handle a personal hygiene debate with cannibals, nude strippers on horseback, giant-scrotumed men in loincloths, or Ewoks who aggressively try to stick coffee up his rectum for no apparent reason. Follow Nathan’s offbeat and absurd musings as he struggles to make sense of the world outside of Bremen, Georgia.

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5 reviews for Invasion of the Bastard Cannibals

  1. Promontory Press

    Mr. Weathington outdoes himself once again! If you’re looking for something to bring you gut-busting laughter, this is the book for you! Clever wit, intelligent perspective, surreal experiences, and a fantastic sense of humor all come together to create this unforgettable memoir. I can only hope for yet another installment of the life of Nathan Weathington!

    – Willow Black

  2. Promontory Press

    An outrageously funny head on culture collision that will have you snorting with laughter.

    – Kim S. Boykin

  3. Promontory Press

    Raw humor – a little cringe followed by laughing out. Each story/chapter can hold its own yet they are cleverly intertwined. Thank you, reading this vastly improved my week. Highly recommended.

    – Ella Lawton

  4. Promontory Press

    Sardonic, acerbic, and side-splitting-ly hilarious, and talk about going out with a bang! If you grew up in any kind of small-town and/or conservative America, Nathan’s observations on a life navigating the outside world will have you laughing your ass off.

    – J. Roe

  5. Promontory Press

    This is only the 2nd book I’ve ever sat down and read cover to cover….the first being ‘Where The Hell Were Your Parents’. This is one of the only authors that can make me laugh out loud while reading. This is an easy, fun read for avid readers and slack readers alike. The one liners in this book will make you pee your pants…well done!

    – Marla (Amazon review)

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