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Radio Daze

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by Rafe Mair

This is the story of the last of the broadcasters willing, nay eager, to hold authority’s feet to the fire. Rafe Mair combined his experience as a lawyer and cabinet minister along with his deep love of his province and the City of Vancouver to build a radio career that angered many, especially politicians, but attracted huge audiences

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2 reviews for Radio Daze

  1. Promontory Press

    Veteran radio broadcaster Rafe Mair pulls no punches whatsoever in this engaging, sometimes caustic, sometimes hilarious tale of his departure from politics and his subsequent life as a star radio commentator. Mr. Mair’s career covered some colourful times in both BC and Canadian politics, and it’s fascinating to relive those moments through his eyes. It’s also very interesting to see how Mr. Mair, despite his hard-talking persona, was deeply concerned about issues like the environment. But this book is more than just the story of his career – it also reveals a very personal side of the man, including marital challenges, financial hardship and health scares. All in all, a very enjoyable book about a very interesting subject.

    – Bennett Coles, Publisher

  2. Promontory Press

    What an entertaining memoir! With his usual bluntness and flair for story-telling, my favourite radio broadcaster reveals all with his cynical, hilarious and deeply-personal story of a quarter-century in radio. It makes me miss him on the airwaves that much more.

    – Heather Westing, Goodreads Reviewer

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