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Ogopogo Odyssey

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by D.A. Hawes

This enchanting story will delight any child who loves to believe. While visiting his grandparents’ vineyard in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada, Colin has a chance meeting with the famous lake creature known as the Ogopogo. This is a summer adventure he will never forget!

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7 reviews for Ogopogo Odyssey

  1. Promontory Press

    Dorothy Hawes has written a wonderful story about the greatest unknown animal in Canada. I’m a researcher into this animal for 17 years, so Dorothy Hawes’ research into the history of Ogopogo and the First Nations people struck a resonant chord with me.

    The feelings when one sights such a creature are conveyed through the thoughts and words of young Colin; his wonderment, bewilderment and sheer delight are palpable to the reader. The opening paragraph where Colin is aroused from his make-believe world to reality by a “mythical” and “legendary” unknown creature reminds us that truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

    The First Nations perspective is well documented in the narration of the Native woman who relates the story of the foolish Chief Timbasket as warning to respect nature. However, at the same time, the Native Woman is understanding of the effect a sighting of this animal has on one’s psyche.

    As one who has seen Ogopogo in all its resplendent glory, I heartily recommend this book as a treasure trove of Canadian and British Columbian heritage. Interest in Ogopogo has been greatly revived this summer with a dual sighting by a Vernon family. The creature was just metres from a young girl on an air mattress, and in true Ogopogo style, the beast frolicked and gambolled with its new found friend.

    – John Kirk, III, President, British Columbia Cryptozoology Club

  2. Promontory Press

    A charming, beautifully-written tale about a boy’s unforgettable encounter with the monster of BC’s Lake Okanagan.

    – Julie Lawson author of the Dear Canada Series and the Goldstone Trilogy books

  3. Promontory Press

    I read “Ogopogo Odyssey” to my class of Grade 2s and 3s and we very much enjoyed this tale of a young boy who sees the fabled sea creature while on vacation with his grandparents. The students were so intrigued with the story that we decided to illustrate it for our school’s Art and Writing Fair. We had fun thinking of ways to make sure that Ogopogo was on every page, some pretty obvious where appropriate and some cleverly hidden.

    The book was a springboard to good discussions about myths and legends in many cultures; why most societies seem to have them, how they are similar, and how they are different. We are lucky to have our own local sea monster, Caddy. After reading this story, many of the students are determined to see him for themselves.

    The class and I all give this story an enthusiastic thumbs up.

    – Susan Johnston, Lochside Elementary School, Victoria, BC

  4. Promontory Press

    It gives me great pleasure to support the children’s book “Ogopogo Odyssey”.

    During a recent Library session, a grade one and two class sat spellbound as I read “Ogopogo Odyssey”. Additionally two classes (grade three and five) responded enthusiastically with both verbal and written comments.

    As a principal in the public education system and educator for twenty-four years, I have had the opportunity to read and share many books with children. The legends of British Columbia are few and published books on the subject are rare and in great demand. Children are fascinated by the unknown, and by myths and legends… and the children who were exposed to this book were enthusiastically engaged and captivated.

    – Marilyn Columbus, Principal, Aspenwood Elementary School, Port Moody, BC

  5. Promontory Press

    “Ogopogo Odyssey” written by D.A Hawes and illustrated by Maggie Parr will delight young reader’s with the tale of the famous lake monster known as Ogopogo from Okanagan Lake. He is known to live in an underground cave near Rattlesnake Island. Colin meets a mysterious stranger on the beach that tells him all about the tales and history of Ogopogo.

    Reader’s will enjoy the enchanting illustrations with crystal blue waters,the beautifully drawn pirates and mermaids, of Colin’s imagination. They will love the drawings of Ogopogo that will leave them with a smile.

    – Rosie Russell, author and illustrator

  6. Promontory Press

    In Ogopogo Odyssey D.A. Hawes shares her love of her childhood home. This lushly illustrated picture book captures the beauty of the interior of British Columbia – the wineries, the orchards, the rolling hills – and, of course, Okanagan Lake and the monster who lurks there! Perfect for tourists and any child who loves adventure, Hawes’ insightful story reminds of us the magic that happens when we believe.

    – Catherine, Amazon customer

  7. Promontory Press

    What a beautiful book! The story is set in the modern day and is very sweet, but it also shows considerable respect to the First Nations of the region by illustrating the origins of the Ogopogo legend.

    – Heather Westing, author of “A Lesson in Love”

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