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Joan's Summer

Joan’s Summer

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by Heather Gardam

“Maybe, if she worked really hard, Patti thought, maybe if she just had a chance to be alone for a while, she would feel better. Get her life back to where it used to be before… But… but that was a kind of running away, too, wasn’t it? How much running could a person do? Surely you had to just get on with a problem sometime!”

In this third book of the Patti Stories, Patti, who is twelve now, is faced with a difficult problem in the person of her friend Joan. This isn’t the first time she has found Joan perplexing, annoying, and just plain unacceptable, but this time the Joan dilemma has moved much too close – into Patti’s bedroom, to be exact!

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Book Information

Book Information

Edition Paperback
ISBN 978-1927559864
Published Date 11-2016

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1 review for Joan’s Summer

  1. 4 out of 5


    In the final book of the “Life on the Farm” series Patti faces some new realistic challenges that many adolescents are faced with. A great read for kids.

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