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Destiny's Second Chance

Destiny’s Second Chance

4.5 out of 5 based on 4 customer ratings
(4 customer reviews)

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by Kate Vale

First Place Category Winner for the CHATELAINE AWARDS 2014 for Women’s Fiction and Romance Novels

At sixteen years old, Isabella Campbell is forced to give up her newborn daughter, Destiny. For twenty-one years Bella ponders the fate of her daughter as the annual letters from the adoptive parents cease. She decides to take action, and Destiny gets the surprise of her life when her birth mother contacts her. Despite her adoptive mother’s reservations about this new connection, Destiny is curious to meet the woman who brought her into the world.

While Bella strives to build a relationship with her daughter, she also works to save her favorite local bookstore. Gavin Cambridge, the owner’s nephew, doesn’t think the bookstore is worth saving and is more interested in pursuing Bella.

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Book Information

Book Information

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ISBN 978-1-987857-00-9
Book Size 6X9
Number of pages 314
Published Date 10-2015

Reviews (4)

4 reviews for Destiny’s Second Chance

  1. 4 out of 5


    This book is one of those rare pieces that leave your heart smiling. Right off the bat, when you learn about Bella’s daughter that she was basically forced into giving up for adoption as a young teen, you can sympathize with her. You can feel her emotions, and she comes to life as if she were one of your close friends or family members. That is how all the characters in this book felt. They felt personal. I salute the author for a job well done in such an area that can be difficult to achieve in writing.

    Love. Let’s talk about love. It could be found everywhere in this book. It wasn’t just your basic cut and dry romance novel either. It was so much more than that. You have two characters who are hesitant to fall in love because of past experiences, but find out that they can’t deny what is meant to be. You have family love. Destiny, you find, is loved by her adoptive parents tremendously. Her adoptive mother loves her so much, that she is fearful of losing her to her birth mother. Then you have Bella, who still has a mountain of love for Destiny, and she finally has a second chance to be a maternal figure in her life.

    This story is one that breeds hope, resiliency, and an appreciation for others. As an author, Kate Vale has a unique style and voice. An author that can create such personal characters is one I admire, and is also an author that I will look up to and read more from in the future.

    – Amanda, Goodreads Reviewer

  2. 5 out of 5


    Two decades ago, librarian Isabella Campbell made the wrenching decision as a young, unwed mother to put her newborn child up for adoption. Though Bella wanted to keep her daughter, her rigid and disapproving parents insisted that a child needed both a mother and a father, not a single, inexperienced, teenage mother. Bella reluctantly agreed, but only if she was allowed to receive regular updates from the adoptive parents. The parents complied for a short period of time, but then Bella heard nothing more from them.

    Upon returning home from a business trip, Bella finds a letter from her daughter’s adoptive father, Nolan Harris, giving her permission to contact Destiny, who is now twenty-one. Bella is instantly thrown into emotional turmoil, thrilled yet very apprehensive. Would Destiny even want to meet or talk to her? Had her daughter’s adoptive mother, who had always disapproved of keeping Bella in their lives, continue to be a roadblock? And why had Nolan Harris chosen this moment in time to contact her after all these years?

    With a deft hand, author Kate Vale weaves this stressful, yet welcome complication into the daily events of Bella’s busy life—the distressing illness of a close friend who runs a local bookstore, the difficult relationship with her mother, who has never let Bella forget about her “little mistake”, and, of course, the new romantic interest in Bella’s life, Gavin, the nephew of her elderly ill friend. The result is a compelling novel rich in detail, heart-warming in its delicate yet realistic portrayal of the impact of adoption on all the lives it touches.

    Vale has a real talent for drawing characters one wants to get to know, and for understanding the emotional impact of the events that shape our lives. Destiny’s Second Chance draws the reader in from the very beginning, providing a thoughtful and satisfying story about people who feel like close friends. Life is messy, and life-altering decisions are never just good or bad, but rather create a mixture of emotions that run the gamut from satisfaction that one perhaps made the right decision, to guilt or despair over the toll that decision has taken in the intervening years. Vale understands this, and has described these conflicting emotions beautifully.

    This book will stay with readers long after they put it down. Highly recommended for those who enjoy women’s fiction and stories of family relationships.

    – Chanticleer Book Reviews

  3. 5 out of 5


    What happens when a piece of your heart is somewhere else? As a sixteen
    year old, Bella was awkward and unpopular, but bright enough to be tutoring
    football players at her school. When one of them convinced her that he
    loved her, the resulting sex created Destiny. Bella loved her coming baby
    though her parents refused to help her with anything but finding an adoptive
    family for her precious unborn daughter.

    Seeking a form of open-adoption, where Bella could get pictures and send
    letters twice every year, Bella settled on the Harrises. Giving up her baby
    broke her heart, and beautiful Destiny took parts of it with her on her
    third day of life. When Mrs. Harris decided to stop sending letters when
    Destiny was five and the family moved away, Bella was heartsick, wondering
    if Destiny was still alive and well.

    Push forward to Destiny’s twenty-first birthday, when Mr. Harris wrote to
    Bella with Destiny’s contact information. Will these two hearts, who were
    missing something, be able to love fully again, or will trust issues that
    have developed from the past build a wedge between everyone involved? Can a
    child have too many people who love them? When does the child become old
    enough and responsible enough to make her own life decisions?

    Kate Vale has taken a number of serious issues revolving around adoptions,
    and created a beautifully written and creative love story. And I haven’t
    even said anything about the hunky Gavin. Nor the elderly bookstore owner,
    Henry. Not even mentioned is this story’s intriguing connection to book
    stores and libraries. This is a winsome and enthralling romance, where four
    generations of broken hearts melt to create resplendent meaningful lives
    full of love in all of its many forms.

    – Ronna, Goodreads Reviewer

  4. 4 out of 5


    When Isabella aka Bella Campbell was sixteen years old, she fell pregnant and didn’t tell her family till she was five months along. At sixteen, she was given one option – to give up her baby for adoption or to be kicked out of home. At three days old, Bella gave her baby Destiny over to an older couple “The Harris’s”. The adoption was to be a semi-open adoption where they could send letters and in return Bella would recieve photos but that stopped when Destiny turned five and Bella’s letters were sent back with a return to sender. Not a day has gone by that Bella hasn’t thought of her daughter and now twenty one years later, Bella now a librarian at Evergreen Library has recieved a letter from her Daughter’s adopted Dad giving her permission to contact Destiny. Bella does and soon a relationship evolves with Bella and Destiny, though it seems Mrs. Harris isn’t very happy about it and still sees Bella as the girl who gave up her baby and got pregnant as a teen. Is life giving both Destiny and Bella a second chance at getting to know one another ? What I loved about this book was that Bella and Destiny had lots in common and that Bella didn’t want to tear the Harris’s away but she did want to get to know her daughter. Also it seems that this might be Bella’s second chance as well at a family with not only her daughter coming back but Henry’s grandson Gavin seems to be interested in Bella and wants to take things a little further in the relationship status. For a lovely family saga and a book where second chances are all around us and it shows readers that sometimes in life – second chances are what we need to be happy as things don’t always go right the first time around.

    – Paula Phillips, Goodreads Reviewer

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