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Miles to Millions

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When he became a commercial pilot at age nineteen, Bill Grenier never imagined that one day he’d be captain of the largest commercial plane the world had seen, flying the highest profile routes of a proud national carrier. Even less could he have imagined, at age nineteen and with barely a penny to his name, that he’d one day be a wealthy man. But he would ultimately control an empire worth nearly a billion dollars.

With liberal doses of wit and humour, Miles to Millions shows what a little luck, lots of perseverance, and an appetite for adventure can do. From boarding house to boardroom, from cradle to cockpit, Grenier offers a fascinating story of success both as a commercial pilot and as a businessman. Filled with anecdotes you’d never expect from a single career – from acting as repo man taking planes for payment to saving hundreds of passengers in a stricken 747 with a collapsed co-pilot – Miles to Millions is a high-flier of a story bound to entertain both aviation experts and enthusiasts alike.

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4 reviews for Miles to Millions

  1. 4 out of 5


    I’m no aviation enthusiast, but I was fascinated by the great knowledge this novel shared with me. It was also comical and clever. An overall entertaining read.

    – Talya Jesperson, Goodreads Reviewer

  2. 5 out of 5


    What a wonderful read. With a personal interest in aviation and my day job with small business and entrepreneurs, I identified with so many of the observations and learnings but felt humbled by what the author accomplished and experienced in his lifetime. I firmly believe many of today’s budding entrepreneurs would benefit from reading this book.

    – William Lockington

  3. 5 out of 5


    Meet Bill Grenier, a captain not only of jumbo jets but also of finance, who wore both hats with equal panache and succeeded brilliantly in both of these demanding milieux with his secret recipe of skill, discipline, prudence — and luck. This delightful memoir ranges from nail-biting aviation exploits (hence “miles”) to nail-biting business adventures (hence “millions”). In his dual captainship, Bill proved his mettle at the helm of airliners as well of corporations. He is a great story teller as well. His narrative is both captivating and occasionally, very funny. It seems there are many more great stories out there that haven’t been told yet. Lucky for us, Bill told his.

    – Raymond Rosenkranz, PhD and pilot

  4. 5 out of 5


    Well you scoundrel, you got me hooked! I did poke around it for and hour or so, and then got so fascinated I went back to the beginning and read the first 200 pages! It’s fun, engaging, well written.The idea of starting with the three stories and then getting into your early life was quite clever. Your first story with the double cockpit crises had its tension even though I knew you would have worked through it, but in telling the story you were able to describe a lot of what a commercial pilot goes through in carrying out his job, and that made it very interesting for me. The second anecdote, the repo one was a real hoot! (I’ve retold it a few times since reading it.) The Mascan affair, was interesting to read in detail and of course reflected that other non-pilot life of yours that that had been emerging in your life for a while.Your style is fluid and pulls one along easily.
    – Ken Powell

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