Yuan Jur

As a young Australian adult Yuan Jur served a term in the Australian military. Post that time he sought the solitude of monastic life serving the community first as a Buddhist high layman and then ordained as a monk. He was eventually promoted to abbot and theologian in Buddhism's warrior-caste arm known in the West as Zen. As a senior theologian, Yuan Jur studied many belief systems, doctrine and ideology from around the world. Storytelling was one of the main instruments to convey this knowledge. During those decades, he also gained a master's degree in Chinese martial arts and medieval weaponry. End 2007: a life threatening illness ended his monastic career. Yuan Jur then combined knowledge gained from his decades of study with a love of alternate world fantasy reinventing himself as a Time Travel/Paranormal fantasy author for adults. He aimed and succeeded in constructing a totally new and immersive Time Travel Alternate superverse experience for readers 15yrs+. A true multiverse that used an original space time continuum and alternate dimensions and time lines as the foundation. Life for his characters would be experienced in those often mysterious dangerous places and the unfolding events there in. That endeavour resulted in the Citadel 7 series, now a multi award winning fantasy series. What is Citadel 7? Citadel 7 is a Time Travel Paranormal Fantasy novel series, with several awards to it's credit since 2013. The series follows the life and evolution of Commander Ben Bloch, Profiler and Warden of the Citadel Council Superverse time space continuum. He and his crew, a small band of unorthodox allies from various time space dimensions are drawn together in a true time travel/ paranormal crisis. What is at stake is simple; total extinction of all life across the time space continuum at the hands of a great intelligence. Commander Bloch’s enemy have but one objective, existence perfection. Should the enemy succeed, an entire alternate existence will commence and all knowledge of what came before will be forgotten. Present literary achievements: January 2015: Signed by Promontory Press Citadel 7 series publication beginning Oct 2015. January 2014: Citadel 7's Enemy of Existence - Book 1 in series wins Blue Ribbon in Space Opera genre and Grand Prize at the Chanticleer Blue Ribbon Cygnus Awards. June 8 2013: Citadel 7, Earth's Secret – Book 1 of Citadel 7's combined prequel trilogy wins first place in the science fiction category of the prestigious American Chanticleer Blue Ribbon Cygnus Awards. Nov 2013: Attended the invitation only international Algonkian Writers Conference San Francisco to showcase the Citadel 7 series in which conference faculty examined works from a select top forty debut authors from around the world. 2012: Joined the Australian society of authors.

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