victoria-inner-harbourBased in beautiful Victoria, Canada, Promontory Press is a small press with a big vision. The press was founded in 2010 by award-winning author Bennett R. Coles, who in his own career has seen the many challenges facing first-time authors trying to break into the professional publishing world. Bennett travels all over North America, educating authors on what to expect and what is expected of them by an industry with deep roots.


Promontory has made a habit of taking chances on first time authors, giving some very talented and deserving folks their first shot at the market. This is our big vision: to be a conduit for new and exciting voices in literature, and to ensure that the industry remains accessible to newcomers of all stripes. It means we try new things, take gambles and embrace change. And it means that our publishing life is rarely dull. But the future beckons, and we intend to play our small but mighty part in shaping it.